10 Body Hacks That Help Solve Annoying Problems We Encounter Daily

Have you ever been standing in front of an audience and you’re so nervous you just know you’re going to cry? Are you getting ready to lead a presentation and you suddenly have the hiccups? Do you need to look like you are paying attention but you really need to yawn? These classic examples happen to everyone, but there are a few quick steps you can take to prevent these embarrassing things from happening! Follow our quick guide of the 10 top body hacks you can deploy when it matters the most:


Body Hack #1: Think You’re Going to Cry

Immediately force your eyes wide open as if a shot of cool air suddenly got blasted into your face. This is a distraction technique, but it also makes it physically difficult for the tears to actually flow.

Body Hack #2: Sleepy? Don’t Yawn!

If you feel that you may yawn in a meeting, grab a cup of cool water and drink it. This helps you keep your mouth on something so that you can’t open it to yawn.

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Body Hack #3: Got the Hiccups?

If you suddenly break out with a case of the hiccups, fill up a glass of water, bend over and drink the water from the opposite side of the glass that you normally would while you are went over toward your stomach. This body hack helps to increase the levels of carbon dioxide in your blood, which will stop hiccups because they need oxygen, and it distracts your mind from obsessing about whether your hiccups are going to keep going.

Body Hack #4: Press Away Vomiting

If you feel like you are about to vomit, apply pressure in between the two tendons on your wrist. Acupuncture creates the same effect for people who are feeling nauseous.

Body Hack #5: Sleep on your Left Side to Stop Acid Reflux

If you get acid reflux often, try sleeping on your left side. This makes it physically more difficult for this issue to occur because your stomach will be lower than your esophagus.

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