4 Acupuncture Pressure Points to Alleviate Hiccups Immediately

Hiccups can be a real pain. Literally. They can be painful and annoying and cause some people to even experience nausea or vomiting. They are caused by spasms in the diaphragm that can happen after drinking carbonated beverages, eating fast food, drinking alcohol, or even sudden changes in temperature. According to the Mayo Clinic, each contraction of a hiccup is followed by a fast and complete closure of the vocal cords, which causes your voice to make a “hic” sound. A burst of air goes into the lungs before the epiglottis closes, which traps the air in.

4 Acupuncture Pressure Points to Alleviate Hiccups Immediatel

Hiccups often last less than an hour and slowly become weaker before disappearing. Some common methods used to try to quickly get rid of hiccups are drinking water upside down, holding your breath, and eating a tablespoon of sugar. It has also been recommended to breathe into a paper bag.

Here are some other methods that can help to quickly get rid of hiccups. With the simple touch of a pressure point, hiccups can be relieved quickly and effectively.

1. Face Point

Simply place your finger on your philtrum, which is the area between the top of your lip and the base of your nose. Press this spot firmly and push in towards your teeth. Hold this pressure for about 30 seconds before releasing it.

2. Chest Point

Locate your sternum, which is the bone in the middle of your chest that connects your ribs together. Place your fingers on your sternum and walk your fingers up until you find its ending point. Apply pressure to this bone for under thirty seconds. This does not need to be strong pressure, just enough so you are about to feel it. LiveStrong notes that the sternum is fragile, so it should not be pressed too firmly.

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