Here’s How to Have Physical Satisfaction Every Time

Here’s How to Have Physical Satisfaction Every Time

Your idea of making love might be what you saw in some adult-rated video years back, believing the actors were pros. However, you are not a great lover if you are currently doing the same things you did several years ago. Instead, you are tragically shortchanging your entire relationship, and you owe it to both yourself and your partner to perform better. One woman shares her experience on how she learned to get physical satisfaction every time.


Cultivating vulnerability is the basis around which you can create a life of significance, particularly as it helps to build trust. Vulnerability involves having the courage to be honest and nonjudgmental about who it is you see staring back when you look yourself in the face. As a lover, being vulnerable can open your eyes to possibilities, even though it is quite a scary thought.

Lovemaking involves a lot more than the physical act seeing as it is actively creating the love shared among couples. Being vulnerable with your partner creates the space for them to be vulnerable with you. Tell them when you are scared and ask for their help. Look your partner in the eyes and from your soul tell them how much you love them. When your spouse is sharing their deepest thoughts with you, listen like they are the only person on earth. It is in doing such things that love is created.

Vulnerability allows you to accept your current situation without judgment, meaning you don’t have to be in the same scenario tomorrow. Once you are vulnerable, you can then have open and free talks about the best ways to please each other. You can each tell the other what is working and what isn’t in an honest and forthright manner. Hearing your partner’s open feedback enables you to do whatever pleases them the most. Each time is bound to be different, which offers more chances for you to know your partner a little bit better. You become better lovers to one another as you learn more about yourselves and each other.

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