What Happened After She Had Daily Amour With Husband for a Year

What Happened After She Had Daily Amour With Husband for a Year

Although the relationship between Brittany Gibbons and her husband Andy was not on the rocks, something was not right. And as much as the threat of a divorce was nonexistent, she had lost confidence in herself and her body after her third child. Brittany always hid her body, shut off the lights while getting some, and avoided her husband’s eyes whenever she was either changing or showering. She, however, devised a plan after noticing that one of her friends had an incredibly healthy physical relationship. In her plan, she and her husband Andy would have daily amour for a whole year and wait to see what happened.

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Carrying out the plan was however not that easy at first. Her duties as a work-from-home mother of three left her flat out exhausted on some days. On other days she merely wanted to curl up and watch some television before bed. Fortunately, the daily amour became more natural as time passed, and their relationship got even better than before.

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As described in her article featured in Good Housekeeping, she started noticing some changes, even though they transpired slowly. Brittany began looking forward to getting some as the months passed. Daily amour begat more passioned, and their loved up, connected feelings started creeping outside of their bedroom and into their everyday lives. The couple became more romantic with one another, kissing longer before work as opposed to the cold, familiar peck and touching arms as they passed each other. Their relationship grew stronger and better during that time as their !ntimacy flourished.


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