Lower Your Expenses If You Need to, and Grow Some Plants

Gabriel knew that his high-stress job was not doing his body any favors, so he quit and downsized to a smaller home. In this home, he even started growing some vegetables.

Work Through Emotional Traumas

Like so many other people, Gabriel discovered that he was using his weight as a shield. By being overweight, he was guarding himself from pain and trauma from past events. He even came up with a name for this phenomenon, coining it “emotional obesity.” After digging deep and doing some creative visualization, Gabriel trained himself to let go of the need for armor.

Stop Storing Toxins

As Gabriel found out, the body likes to store toxins in fat deposits. By cleansing himself with alkaline foods and drinking green juices, apple cider vinegar, and water with lemon, he was able to drop the last forty pounds very quickly.

Gabriel’s approach to weight loss obviously had a tremendous impact upon his life, and now he’s able to help other people with their own weight loss goals. By taking a holistic approach, he beat the odds that so many obese Americans cannot surmount.


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