Stop Starving, Start Nourishing

Gabriel discovered that his yo-yo dieting had left his body starved of critical building blocks like omega-3 acids and high-quality proteins. By eating foods that were rich in these ingredients, he found himself craving junk food less and less. However, if he had a craving for junk food, he allowed himself to eat it.

Heal Your Digestive System

Gabriel’s research indicated something that scientists have just recently started publicizing; our digestive systems are so much more integral than we ever thought, even affecting things like mood. By eating more probiotics and cultured foods, Gabriel was able to get his guts on the right track again.

If You Have Sleep Apnea, Get a CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea can be a terrible condition, interrupting sleep, causing loud snoring, and causing stress hormones to rise. Once Gabriel started using a CPAP machine, he found that he was much healthier, and less inclined to go for junk food.

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