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Stress Relief From Playing The Piano

Lately, I’ve been hearing, “Your music is so calming. Why aren’t you soothed?” Honestly, if I could play the piano 24/7 and not have...

5 Things You’re Stressing About That Really Don’t Matter

5 Things You're Stressing About That Really Don't MatterIn the present day and age, we are surrounded by endless responsibilities and expectations. It is...

10 Commandments For Reducing Stress

10 Commandments For Reducing Stress Originally written by Hilary Langford and expanded by me! – www.hilary.com.auHilary Langford is a very talented organizational consultant and she...

Book of The Month- December 2018

The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Is it Possible to Fight Against your Personality?

Personality Types: Can We Mold and Shape Ourselves in Today's Society? I have ever found yourself in a public setting, one thing...

Some people make your laugh a little louder

Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better.