7 Healthy Foods to Take on Road Trip

7 Healthy Foods to Take on Road Trip

Vacation! The perfect moment of the year when you can relax and tastethe beauty of life with no limits. Travelling by car offers you and your family a better flexibility because you can plan in detail the places and activities of the road trip.


However, there is an important aspect of the trip that should be planned with care as much as the other details: food. While travelling, fast-foods or restaurants can be tempting as you may want to try local food or you just want to have a rich meal since you can’t cook.Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying few treats now and again, financially speaking, it would cost you more than if you prepared food for the road trip.

Speaking from a dietary point of view, it is advisable to stick to your eating habits while travelling. Why? When you travel, the frequency of your meals a day and their quality can be affected by the outdoor activities and lack of time.

If your eating habits and frequency of your meals are affected, it is more likely that your body would be affected as well by the changes. Stomach cramps or weight gain/loss are two of the side effects of an irregular eating schedule. Luckily, there are many snacks and meals you can prepare for the trip, which can save you time, money and keep you healthy at the same time.

Here are 7 healthy foods you can take on the road trip:


Fruits are the best snack you could have at breakfast or in between meals as they are rich nutrients and could be a sweet treat for kids as well. Since fruits are not a satiable snack, DrDietitian Jessica Candral suggests that combining fruits with proteins would level the blood sugar and also make you feel fuller. Nuts, cereals or cheese are a great combination with fruits!

2. Vegetables

Whether you consume veggies all together as a salad, garnish or as a small snack, they are always a good choice for trips. Raw or cooked, vegetables are rich in fiber, antioxidants and minerals, which keep away bad cholesterol and assure a proper function of the bowel.

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