Fat-Shamed by a Producer She Lost Five Stone for a Video

Poppy had always allowed herself to consume whatever she desired. As a result, she admittedly struggled with portion sizes in addition to the fact that she had a weakness for bread. For Poppy, going through two slices of bread for breakfast as well as a sandwich, chocolate, and crisps for lunch was common. For her, heading down to her favorite fish and chip shop for dinner thereafter was also not uncommon. In addition to the hearty portions she consumed at mealtimes, Poppy also happily snacked in-between meals.


Poppy was a size 16 and weighed in at 14 stone 8 lbs. before the summer of 2015. She then tentatively joined a local gym after it hit her that enough was enough. After successfully convincing her best friend to join her at the gym soon after she began attending, Poppy enjoyed an easier time. Both realized that motivating each other and working out as a pair was much easier than exercising solo. Poppy says that she has a lot to thank her friend for. Instead of simply going out or staying in, they spent most of their time together at the gym.

Today, Poppy’s diet is much healthier than before. She eliminated the unhealthy sugary foods in favor of fruits, organic yogurt, and rice cakes. However, she still allows herself one cheat day every week, which is when she eats whatever she wants. Apart from being a size 10, Poppy presently weighs nine stone 8 lbs. Since February, she has shed a total of five stone.

Poppy’s previous diet included:
• Two or three slices of bread for breakfast
• Snacks of crisps, biscuits, and more toast
• Diet Coke, a sandwich, a chocolate bar, and crisps for lunch
• Chinese or a microwave ready meal for dinner seeing as she always ate out.
• Soft drinks including Pepsi Max and Mochas with cream

What Poppy eats today:
• A bowl of bran flakes for breakfast
• Rice, chicken, and vegetables or a gluten free pitta bread with cottage cheese or low-fat hummus for lunch
• Chicken, rice and a lot of vegetables for dinner
• An occasional protein bar
• Exclusively water and coffee for drinks

As you can see from Poppy’s experience, sometimes a negative ordeal brings about positivity. Regardless of your size and weight, losing weight is entirely possible, especially if you take the initiative, as Poppy did. Although dieting combined with exercising is effective when it comes to losing weight, it all depends on the individual.

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