Fat-Shamed by a Producer She Lost Five Stone for a Video

Fat-Shamed by a Producer She Lost Five Stone for a Video

As evidenced by 22-year-old Poppy Hughes, sometimes motivation is all you need to lose weight successfully. A music producer once told Poppy, a professional singer from Liverpool, that she was way too fat for a music video.


Instead of lowering her self-esteem, the ordeal provided her with enough motivation to lose about five stone. At her heaviest, Poppy tipped the scales at 14 stone 8 lbs. She has, however, shifted three dress sizes and lost five stone since then. The professional singer also working as a pediatric nurse remembers that as a child she always ate whatever she desired. Unfortunately, her carefree approach when it came to controlling what she took came back to haunt her once she hit her teens.


For Poppy, finishing off several packets of biscuits in just one sitting was standard practice. It was not long before her body lost the ability to keep the weight off. Poppy often thought that since she had already ruined her diet, she could just as well carry on and eat the rest. She usually developed that mindset immediately after eating a biscuit or sweet. As a result, she would consume absolute rubbish for the remainder of the day. Poppy presently describes what she was back then as a diet-starts-on-Monday type of girl.

The description means that if she happened to treat herself on a Friday, she usually kept eating junk until Sunday night. Poppy does not believe that her excessive weight held her back in life. However, one particular incident remains permanently etched into her memory.

She clearly remembers being asked by a producer to record a song. To her surprise, the producer informed her that she needed to lose weight if the song was to have a video. The producer’s words struck a nerve, especially since Poppy was obviously not happy with her physical appearance. As a matter of fact, she would cry on her mom’s shoulder and in the mirror almost every day. The number of people telling her she needed to lose weight did not matter, at least not until it clicked with her.


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