8 Medications that Stop You from Losing Weight

8 Medications that Stop You from Losing Weight

Antihistamines are the most common ways that prescription medication adds weight. These drugs are usually for allergies. What happens is that antihistamines increase hunger and it becomes impossible to keep your weight down. Doctors will prescribe drugs that are highly potent in antihistamines because they help you sleep. The drugs are also suitable for fighting anxiety.

5. Beta Blockers

How beta-blockers interfere with losing weight is their ability to bring down energy levels. Weight loss programs demand a lot of energy. It is difficult to stick to a workout routine when the body does not have the energy for it. These medications also lower the body’s rate to burn calories by about 80 per day. Beta-blockers treat high blood pressure, migraines and glaucoma among other conditions.

6. Antibiotics

One explanation for why antibiotics increase weight is that they disturb the gut bacteria. It has become popular in the farming sector to administer antibiotics on animals to facilitate weight gain. The effect of taking antibiotics is that is weight increases over time.

7. Steroids

Steroids hinder weight gain by slowing down the body’s metabolism. A slow metabolism means that you don’t have the physiologic capability to lose weight. Each intake of food leads to the deposit of fat, especially around the belly area. Steroids are common treatment options for autoimmune diseases such as asthma or lupus.

8. Diabetic Medication

Besides insulin, certain drugs for the treatment of diabetes Type 2 make it nearly impossible to manage weight. Medications such as DiaBeta and Glucotrol assist in packing on extra pounds. There is also the fact that the drugs increase the production of insulin, causing lower blood sugar and elevated appetites.

You may not know about the losing weight side effects of certain drugs because some don’t outline them. When attempting weight loss, your doctor must evaluate your circumstances first. Never get off drugs without the direct authorization of your doctor.

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