Rating: Boring Love Positions People Love the Most!

Rating: Boring Love Positions People Love the Most!

Off the top of your head right now, name your favorite and least favorite love positions in the bedroom? More likely than not, you probably came up with two to three that makes your heart sing and another two or three that makes you sing the blues. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


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Everyone has the favorite love position when they are feeling frisky. From basic missionary to Kama Sutra imitators that require a high level of skill, balance and muscle strength, there are literally hundreds of positions to choose from. But if your life has been stuck in missionary gear with only an occasional doggy-style on special occasions, it’ time to broaden your horizons.

The Rundown


Experts at [email protected] took some time out from filming to do some heavy-duty detective work to see which love position people actually prefer. Interestingly over 43 percent of people surveyed said they doing the deed from behind brings a smile to their face. Not only does your man get a bird’s-eye view of your rear, but it also gives him the perfect angle to hit your G-spot. The problem with this position is that it leaves little room for whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Since it takes on a more animalistic approach, you may lose some romantic fella. To compensate, you can switch things up a bit and spoon every once and a while.

Reverse CowGirl

Coming in a close second at 27 percent was the reverse cowgirl position, which involves the woman on top of her man but facing in the opposite direction. Men and women alike are fond of this position, and who wouldn’t be?

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