4 Spots on Your Body That Help With Excess Weight

4 Spots on Your Body That Help With Excess Weight

Upper lip: Apart from regulating your appetite, massaging your philtrum, the area just above your upper lip, helps to reduce anxiety. Reduced levels of anxiety go a long way towards preventing stress-related overeating, which typically contributes to gaining excess weight. For the best results of this procedure, massage your philtrum for at least five minutes two times a day.

Tragus: This is the small pointed eminence of your external ear, which you can find by opening and closing your mouth. In addition to controlling your appetite, the tragus spot is where you will feel the most jaw movement. The tragus is also known to speed up metabolism, which often leads to the elimination of excess weight. Applying continuous pressure and gently massaging the tragus in circular motions suppresses appetite and activates metabolism. Perform this procedure for three minutes at least three times a day for the best results.

Below the kneecap: Also known as Zu San Li point or the point of longevity, this pressure point is believed to aid in digestion. It is also known to enable the loss of about one pound every week. You can find the point of longevity by locating the minor dent on your outer leg. Flex your foot up and down while feeling with your hand whether or not the muscle moves. You are in the right spot if you feel the muscles moving. For the best results, apply pressure on the point of longevity every single day for at least two minutes.

According to Livestrong, increasing the levels of oxygen within your body before you can start practicing acupressure is essential. Inhaling for eight counts and then exhaling for 16 counts is recommended for body relaxation and increasing the flow of oxygen. You should repeat this breathing process at least 10 times daily before you begin your self-acupressure treatment.

With the availability of numerous weight loss techniques today, choosing the most suitable might prove challenging. However, some of the available natural weight loss plans available today date back throughout history. As such, they are tried and tested modes of treating obesity. With its roots dating back ages, acupressure is one of the most effective weight loss techniques. Because it has no side effects, trying it out might be worth your while.

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4 Spots on Your Body That Help With Excess Weight

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