9 Ways to Slim Down Calves and Ankles

9 Ways to Slim Down Calves and Ankles

Another easy way to reduce water retention in your ankles and calves that makes them look thicker is to wear calf compression sleeves at night. The slight pressure they put on your calves and ankles can help prevent fluid from accumulating in the areas while you sleep and lead to thinner calves and ankles during the daytime.

6. Wear Dark Stockings Under Skirts and Dresses
An easy way to make your legs, including your ankles and calves, look slimmer when you are wearing skirts, dresses, and even shorts, is to wear a pair of dark-colored stockings under them.

Why choose dark colors? Light clothing colors, such as white, can make areas of your body appear larger, while dark colors make them look smaller. Don’t like the look of colored stockings? Just wear a pair that is about one skin-tone darker than yours, and your calves and ankles will look skinnier without anyone even noticing that you are wearing stockings!

7. Too Warm for Stockings? Try This Sunless Tanner Trick Instead
During the spring and summer when it is just too hot to wear stockings, you can create the same visual trick that wearing dark stockings creates by applying self-tanning lotion strategically.

The trick is to use it all over your body one night to create a very light tan all over. Then, apply an extra coat to only your ankles and calves. No one will notice that they are a bit darker than the rest of your body, but you will notice the difference when your calves and ankles look slimmer!

8. Wear Shoes that Make Your Calves and Ankles Look Slimmer
While you may know that the right pair of shoes can make or break the look of an entire outfit, you may not realize that the right pair of shoes can also make your calves and ankles look skinnier.

Avoid flats, shoes with ankle straps, white shoes, kitten heels, clogs, and any shoes with a chunky heel.

Instead, wear dark-colored shoes with thin, stacked heels when you want to look your best. When you must wear flats, just make sure they are also dark in color and don’t have ankle straps.

9. Choose The Right Skirt Styles
Just as the right shoes can make your calves and ankles look slimmer, the right skirt can, as well. Wear skirts that are full and move with you as you walk and avoid slim, fitted skirts.

Also, make sure the hemline of your skirt ends at an area of your legs that you like the look of most! The only skirt length you want to avoid is one that ends right at your calves or ankles. Instead, you can wear mini-skirts that draw attention to those great thighs or full-length maxi skirts.


Do you dislike the appearance of your thick calves and ankles? Follow these 9 tips for skinnier calves and ankles and you can finally begin to feel confident when looking into that full-length mirror!

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