9 Ways to Slim Down Calves and Ankles

9 Ways to Slim Down Calves and Ankles

Does your self-confidence suffer due to feeling like your calves and ankles are thicker than you would like them to be? While you may have vowed to only wear pants that cover what you perceive as your “problem areas,” you may become eager to begin wearing those short skirts and even capri pants again after you follow these 9 steps for skinnier calves and ankles!


1. Reduce Your Sodium Intake
Don’t use the salt shaker much? Even if you don’t purposely add salt to your foods, you may be eating packaged foods that are filled with sodium. Start keeping an eye on the nutrition labels of the foods you eat and reduce your intake of any that are high in sodium.

How will reducing your sodium intake slim your calves and ankles? When you eat too much sodium, your body retains more water. This can lead to many parts of your body appearing “plumper” than they really are. Once you cut down the sodium you eat, you may notice that your calves and ankles begin to look slimmer almost overnight!

2. Drink Plenty Of Water
You likely already know that you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to stay in overall good health, but you may not realize that when you don’t drink enough water, it causes your body to hold onto more water as a self-preservation tactic. When you begin to drink plenty of water, your body goes out of self-preservation mode and releases the extra water.

As your body releases stored water, you can also quickly notice your calves and ankles appearing slimmer right before your very eyes!

3. Do You Work Out? Avoid Calf-Bulking Exercises
Many people who have thick ankles and calves begin to perform exercises that target these areas of the body in an attempt to spot reduce. This plan can quickly back-fire and cause your calves and ankles to become even larger!

Why does this happen? No exercise can cause your body to burn fat in just one area of your body, unfortunately. Once you begin performing exercises that target your calves and ankles, instead of shedding fat, you begin to build muscle in those areas. Added muscle in your calves and ankles can make them look even bulkier.

4. Try These Exercises Instead
If you want to shed fat from your calves and ankles, the only way to do it is to perform exercises that burn fat from your entire body. The best exercises to burn fat without causing your calves and ankles to bulk-up include walking, yoga, pilates, and other low-impact aerobic exercises.

Avoid the stair-climber and elliptical machines, because while they both burn calories, they also work your calves and ankles hard, which can increase the amount of muscle you have in the areas.

5. Wear Calf Compression Sleeves at Night

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