The Difference Between Being a HEART or HEAD Person

The Difference Between Being a HEART or HEAD Person

Where do you sense “yourself?” Some call it the difference between being a heart or head person. This “self” affects your life and relationships. Once you realize you think differently than your love or coworker, you see why you sometimes disagree. You learn how to cope and understand them better.


Here are a few ways to help you decide.

Do you go with your “gut” or “feelings?” A Heart person values feelings and emotional instincts. This person decides based on whether something feels right. The Heart person is sensitive to other people’s feelings, tactful, people-oriented, and sociable. This personality type enjoys group activities. The Heart person likes harmony. This person might appear logically unreliable until you realize their Heart rules.

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Do you make a list of pros and cons to coolly make decisions? If so, you fall in the Head category. You figure out the logical way to do something and make a decision. You do not get emotional about it. Once you decide, you move on to the next task. You value individualism more than being a group member. You tend to think in black and white. You like clear rules.

Or, like most of us, does it just depend on the situation? Most of us fall between the two extremes. We make some decisions emotionally, and others require a logical decision. Our brains naturally possess rational and emotional parts. The two sides always compete.

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