If You Have THIS In Your Hair You Have NO Chance to Get Cancer

If You Have THIS In Your Hair You Have NO Chance to Get Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that there are 1,658,370 new cases of cancer in the United States, each year. With so many people affected, finding a cure is of the utmost importance. Millions of dollars go into cancer research to find anything that may be helpful. Scientists long to stumble onto something that can help prevent or stop cancer in its tracks. Sometimes, the breakthroughs come from the most unexpected places. During a study, researchers stumbled on something that may show that a person have no chance to get cancer.

The Forelock Is A Guardian Angel

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The forelock is a section of hair that grows in the crown area of humans. It is known for being untamed, and many people have a difficult time styling their hair. When they have this wild section to deal with, hair styles may be limited. Some call it a cow-lick, but its proper term is a forelock. Many try combing it from side to side, but it always tends to stick up, no matter what gel or hairspray is applied. It is often seen as a piece of hair that nothing can be done with. However, could this hair be the guardian angel protecting you against cancerous cells? Scientists believe the links are too strong to deny.

Genetic Predisposition

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