Did You Ever Wonder Why People Hold Their Hands Like This? Here’s the Answer

Did You Ever Wonder Why People Hold Their Hands Like This? Here’s the Answer

As a by-product of today’s way of life, which involves busy schedules, work pressure, and health concerns, stress is quite undesirable. Although we are usually unsuccessfully, we keep searching for ways to cope with stress. Fortunately, a simple and sure solution for stress and similar ailments exists in the form of hand yoga and concentration. There are many ways people hold their hands to boost their mental and physical performances. Here are six of them.


1. Vaayu mudra

Vaayu mudra is for calmness, the performance of which decreases the air element within your body. This hand position involves folding your index finger such that its tip rests at the base of your thumb. You then use your thumb to gently press the first phalangeal joint of the curled index finger. People who hold their hands in this position may reduces stress and aggression by improving oxygen transportation throughout the body, which effectively calms restless and anxious minds.

The Vaayu mudra also pacifies overactive hormones as well as the nervous system, helping to relax the body. As such, this position is excellent for aggressive, hyperactive individuals and those with a limited attention span.

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2. Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra is for strength, performance of which increases the earth element and reduces the fire element. It involves touching the tip of your ring finger with that of your thumb. Apart from encouraging tissue growth and healing, Prithvi Mudra also boosts the development of muscles. In addition to relieving fatigue, it helps in the prevention of dry skin and brittle bones by enhancing vitality, strength, and endurance.

By reducing the fire element, it ensures reduced muscle inflammation while regulating body temperatures and metabolism. This hand position is, therefore, ideal for people who suffer frequent fevers, inflammation, and ulcers.

3. Surya mudra


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