The Main Qualities of Highly Confident Women

Take notes of the thoughts and emotions that emerge during your session. Also, prime your mind for solutions at bedtime. Before turning in, reflect on an issue that arose during the day. Explore different scenarios. This action will spark your imagination, nudging your subconscious mind to work on the problem while you sleep. Keep a pen and paper handy at your bedside. Upon awakening, jot down any notions that have surfaced. Here you can learn the benefits of honing your intuition.

5. They respect themselves.

Do you push yourself beyond healthy limits? Do you believe you have to work hard to be worthy of love? Self-respect is honoring your human needs and not treating yourself like a machine.

Self-worth expresses as living a balanced lifestyle. You devote yourself equally to work, home, family, and relaxation. To express your highest potential, you need to take care of yourself. This includes eating nutritiously, getting adequate sleep, and giving yourself an occasional treat. For some women, this takes the form of a facial, mani-pedi, shopping spree, or girls’ night out.

6. They’re independent thinkers.

Do you let others persuade you to act against your beliefs? Realize the value of your opinions, decisions, and experiences. Stick with your principles and enforce personal boundaries, both for yourself and others.

Do you feel pressured by society’s concept of the perfect woman? If so, have you ever considered why? Popular opinion isn’t always based on wisdom. Some trends are downright dangerous, such as:

being stick-thin
following cleansing diets
wearing heavy earrings
obtaining tattoos
receiving Botox injections

Here are more beauty trends you should best avoid.

7. They’re bold.

Are you passionate about your dreams and driven to fulfill them? Confidence equips you to tackle goals rather than procrastinating. If you have lofty ambitions but lack motivation, ask for support. Requesting assistance doesn’t indicate weakness.

Do you want to feel more healthy and fit? Buddy up with an exercise partner. Are you seeking a promotion at work? Find a mentor who’s climbed the ladder to success and is willing to coach you. Then, act like a sponge and soak up their knowledge.

Psst! Here’s some sage advice. Sidestep office gossip. Instead, talk up your aspirations and plans.

8. They’re resilient.

Don’t you admire people who quickly bounce back from adversity? Do you exhibit this capacity? If so, kudos to you! If you’re somewhat slow to recover, don’t despair. Realize you have overcoming power. As a woman, buoyancy is part of your nature. You’re inherently strong. Here’s how to tap into your inner resources.

Develop a support system. Keep the company of people who care about you, will listen non-judgmentally, and help you work through unpleasant emotions. In addition to friends, family, and co-workers, consider taking the help of clergy and licensed therapists.
View difficult times as temporary. Remind yourself that, although circumstances are rough now, they will improve.
Practice gratitude. Recall all the aspects of your life that are going well.

Here are additional ways to cultivate endurance.

Seeing is Believing

Now you have the tools to paint a self-portrait of confidence. See yourself as:

aware of your strengths
unafraid of failure
trusting your instincts
respecting yourself
thinking independently

Keep this visualization in the forefront of your mind. In time, it will become your reality!

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