What Does It Mean If Your Husband Doesn’t Post About You on Social Media?

What Does It Mean If Your Husband Doesn’t Post About You on Social Media?

It is likely that you have seen the endearing, romantic, and yet nearly obsessive social media posts posted by spouses. As annoying as such over-posts might be, most women feel jealous of those whose partners publicly gush and ogle over. Scrolling through such posts each week can be nauseating, especially if the recipients seem to boast about their partners continually.


Wanting to feel loved, adored, and boasted about is a strange female urge. When compared to men, women can tend to be a little bit more openly self-conscious. Women often feel that they need the men in their lives to provide them with the desired self-confidence and self-worth.

Molly Tolar has been with her husband for more than six years, dating back to her high school days. However, she can count on one hand the number of times he posted anything specifically admiring her as a girlfriend or wife. As such, she has never enjoyed the experience and instant ego boost of been someone’s hashtag. It is hard to think of a girl who would not like for a boy to post something flattering about her.

Molly’s husband never comments on her photos to say how gorgeous or attractive she is to him. He also does not post any I love you too message whenever she posts something admiring him online. Molly and her husband are very much in love and happily married. So why is it he does not want to show her off to the cyber world? It is because her husband doesn’t need to.

As confirmed by Molly, her husband does not need to inform his followers that he loves her because he actually does. It is true he does not say she is his woman crush online. However, maybe he vacuums the dog’s hair so she doesn’t need to or massages her back whenever she has a bad ache. It is also possible that he kisses her forehead even when she keeps him awake with her tossing and turning. As such, her husband does not need to inform the world that he loves her since his actions say it explicitly.

As Molly eventually realized, she would much rather get a surprise hug than a boastful online post about her. As long as her husband remains actively faithful in their marriage, she can easily do without the endearing online posts.

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