DIY Recipe to Speed Up Hair Growth

Your hair is your crown and it is important to take good care of it to keep it healthy and strong. Your hair grows every day, however, you may not notice it due to conditions that keep your hair a specific length at all times. If your crown seems to be stuck in a length with no signs of hair growth, it is time to take a look at your hair’s daily habits. Depending on how you wear your hair every day, you could be experiencing a constant stream of hair breakage. This breakage will keep your hair at one length despite the fact that your hair grows a little bit every day. Using a shampoo that not only fortifies your hair but improves its strength, along with protective styles can help you maintain the length of your hair as it grows.


Why Isn’t It Growing

Hair breakage is one reason why most cannot maintain their hair growth. Their hair gets to a certain length and then breaks off. This could be caused by over processing, overheating, under moisturizing, or a lack of consumption of certain nutrients your body needs to produce strong hair and healthy hair growth.

Preventive Measures

Our hair needs certain nutrients to promote healthy hair growth. It needs other nutrients to promote a strong hair shaft. You need to consume a healthy, ongoing amount of:

Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Omega 3
Vitamin E

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A well-balanced meal containing all of these nutrients can help ensure your hair grows healthy and strong, but to give it a little extra boost, creating a hair mask filled with these nutrients and applying it a couple of times a week can make your hair grow faster and stronger in as little as 4 inches in a week.

Bananas Anyone?

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