Never Eat These Food Combinations at the Same Time!

Never Eat These Food Combinations at the Same Time!

Normally when people focus on eating healthy, they just think about how much food they should be eating. You might be surprised to know that when you eat food makes a difference too. Eating certain items at the same time can cause all sorts of issues. These seven food combinations create harmful interactions within your stomach.


Salad With Fat-Free Dressings

Fat-free salad dressings might be low in calories, but they keep you from getting the full benefits of veggies. A study from Purdue University found that fat-based dressings helped test subjects to absorb carotenoids. These beneficial compounds help to lower cancer and heart disease risks. However, the body needs fat to digest and absorb them properly. Try using an olive oil dressing instead for maximum carotenoid absorption.

Creamers and Tea


Both black and green tea are packed with antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation. Unfortunately, adding any cow milk, soy milk, cream, or artificial creamers to tea stops this process. The fat in dairy and other creamers binds to the antioxidants in tea. This makes it difficult or impossible for the body to absorb these beneficial compounds. To get more benefits from tea, you should try drinking it with lemon instead.

Lentils With Red Wine

The problem with red wine is that it contains tannins that halt iron absorption. Many vegetarians rely on lentils for enough iron. However, if you drink red wine, the tannins stop your body from getting enough iron. This can lead to a lot of issues with anemia because you will not be getting enough iron. One study found tannins could stop the absorption of up to 88 percent of the iron a person consumes. If you want a drink with your lentils, stick to white wine because it has fewer tannins.

Beer With Burgers

This is one of many food combinations with alcohol that causes issues. The main problem is that burgers are so fatty, and the liver is responsible for breaking down fats. However, the liver sees alcohol as a toxin, so it will be occupied with digesting the beer first. While this happens, all the fat from the burger is stored as fat cells that cause chubbiness. Burgers and beer is a very common bad combination, but any fatty food is bad when eaten with alcohol.

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