Here’s What You Need to Boost Self-Love

3. Study a New Language

Becoming multilingual is not only practical, it can help you acquire a vigor for life you’ve never had before. As you learn new words, phrases, and proper pronunciation, your confidence will soar and your self-love will be invigorated. Setting aside an hour a day for alone time is the perfect window for studying a language, or acquiring other new skills. Learning a new language can also help you make new connections in your career or education.

4. Pursue a Dream

Many people go through years of life without truly chasing after their heart’s desire. When a person goes years with insecurities and self-deprecating thoughts, it’s likely that the courage to pursue a distant dream will never surface. The challenge lies in getting beyond self-doubt. Perhaps you have a wish that’s been simmering on your mind for ages, or maybe you’ve never considered the potential you have to shine. Now is the chance to make a change. Find an hour to be alone with your dreams so that you can pin them down with words and tangible actions.

If you’ve spent your lifetime throwing yourself into ill-fitting relationships, it’s probably time to look inward. The root of romantic discord often lies in issues of self-esteem and awareness. Many people are afraid of being alone and acknowledging the person they are within, but it’s vital to grow beyond that fear.


Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll find that acquiring relationships that are right for you is easier. More importantly, you’ll understand that you don’t need the influence of another person to be happy, successful and wise. Try tapping into the strength of solitude and commit to an hour a day to boost self-love. You won’t regret it.

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