5 Natural Ways to Balance pH of Your Lady Bits

Your safest bet to maintain the hygiene of your snatch while keeping it clean and odorless would be using natural ingredients to prepare honeypot wash. Listed below are a few natural remedies you can make in your home.

Aloe Vera Gel
To make this natural honeypot wash, you first need to obtain fresh Aloe Vera. Slice and extract gel from a fresh piece of Aloe Vera and then add the gel to a cup of water. After a little stirring, use the solution as your honeypot wash.

When it comes to cleaning the snatch, yogurt is known to be quite an effective natural remedy. To remove candida infection, apply homemade yogurt directly onto your privates.

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Lemon Leaves
Leaves of the lemon plant contain an antibiotic, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic compound known as limonene. As such, lemon leaves are quite helpful when it comes to cleaning and removing foul odors. A lemon-leaf solution can also help you maintain ideal pH levels, ensuring you remain clean and healthy.

Chamomile Oil
The use of chamomile oil provides an excellent way of eliminating foul odors. Add a single drop of chamomile oil to about two cups of water and use the resulting solution to wash your privates.

Baking Soda
When it comes to the question of how to balance pH level in your snatch, baking soda provides considerable assistance. As such, the use of a baking soda solution can help you to eliminate any foul odors. Soak yourself in a bath tub for at least 20 minutes after adding half a cup of baking soda to the water.

Proper maintenance and hygiene are essential when it comes to the care of your honeypot. Although the market is full of manufactured cleaning products for this particular purpose, natural remedies are your best option. This is particularly the case because apart from offering the same if not better results, possible side effects are significantly minimal with the use of natural remedies.

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