Here’s What Happened After She Stopped Taking Hormonal Birth Control

Here’s What Happened After She Stopped Taking Hormonal Birth Control

After moving to New York City last October, Elizabeth immediately stopped taking hormonal birth control pills. A previous long-term relationship was the main reason she went on the pill. Elizabeth had ended that relationship before moving to New York. She figured its conclusion presented an opportunity to determine whether her anxiety would reduce if she stopped taking the pill.


Elizabeth suspected ingesting hormonal birth control pills contributed to her anxiety. As such, she wanted to find out whether her propensity to panic whenever she was stressed would reduce once she went off the pill. Elizabeth also hoped going off the pill would alleviate her need for lube while getting it on. However, Elizabeth was nervous, especially since going off the pill meant she would solely rely on condoms to prevent pregnancy.

She was, however, willing to try anything that could offer some help with her excessive anxiousness. About three months after going off the pill, Elizabeth felt like it was the best decision she ever made for her mental health.

Listed below are five changes that occurred once she stopped taking hormonal birth control pills.

1. Decreased levels of anxiety
According to Elizabeth, the longer she was on the pill, the more her anxiety grew and the worse she got at managing it. Her experience was because she had struggled with anxiety since childhood. Although she admits that the four years she was on the pill would probably have been stressful, she is now sure it made her anxiety worse.

Although Elizabeth still has stressors in her life, she also has a lot less panic. Despite going off the pill, she still feels anxious at times. However, she seems way more capable of dealing with her considerably reduced levels of anxiety. Noticing a difference after cutting down the amount of estrogen in your body makes perfect sense, especially since estrogen contributes to anxiety.

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