Ladies! Read This If You Got Your Period After 12

Ladies! Read This If You Got Your Period After 12

New studies show that people who get their first period after 12 have more health benefits than those who start their periods earlier. A study done by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine followed 16,000 women over two decades and discovered that women who began menstruation at 12 or older and also go through menopause at 50 or older have a higher likelihood of living into their 90s. This group of women is also less likely to experience health conditions in their lifetimes such as heart disease and diabetes.


According to Kids Health, genetics play a large role in determining when a girl gets her first period. Girls typically being menstruation at around the same age their maternal bloodline did. Additionally, certain ethnic groups typically go through puberty at different times than others. For example, African-American girls usually get their first periods and start puberty before Caucasian girls have this transition.

This study is the first to assess the correlation of reproductive factors with an overall longevity of survival. While everyone is searching for the secret to a long life, this study shows that women who have over 40 years of reproduction have increased odds of living nine decades.

Fifty-five percent of the racially diverse group of 16,000 participants survived into their 90s. The study found that women who began menstruation after 12 and experienced menopause later in life had a higher likelihood of being in excellent overall health.

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