The Ultimate Guide to Storing Foods in the Pantry, Fridge, or Freezer

Are you tired of pitching food in the trash simply because you don’t know how long it’ll keep? It still smells okay but you don’t want to risk your family’s health or get food poisoning, so out it goes. Well, worry no more. The chart below can save you a ton of money by showing the right ways of storing foods in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Honey keeps literally forever in the pantry. Too bad all our groceries don’t have that kind of super shelf life.

Fish and seafood need to go after two days in the fridge or a couple of hours out on the counter.

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Most fruit and veggies last a week in the refrigerator, but potatoes are good for a whole month in the pantry.

Milk keeps seven days in the fridge beside cheese and butter that lasts a few months.

Condiments are good to go for a whole year. The freezer stores most edibles for six to twelve months but some items turn to mush if frozen and thawed.

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A glance at the chart lets you know exactly where to store all types of food and for how long. There’s a handy guide for leftovers, and check out the section near the bottom that explains what those ‘sell-by’ and expiration dates actually mean.

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