Magical Substance That Will Boost Your Love Life

Magical Substance That Will Boost Your Love Life

In addition to being safe for use when performing oral, these types of silicone lube are relatively tasteless and odorless. High-quality silicone lubes also have a moisturizing effect, which means you do not need to worry about washing off immediately after.

5. You can use silicone lubes with silicone $ex toys
Although the use of silicone lube with silicone toys was previously discouraged, it is no longer a concern. It can really boost your love experience! However, usage depends on the lube applied and quality of toys. And this is particularly true seeing as, in recent years, quality has improved considerably.

There currently is a wide variety of silicone toy and lube combinations. As such, determining the best combo is almost impossible. It is imperative to note that whenever you try out a particular combination, you are taking a risk. However, you can always spot-test a silicone toy on its non-insertable portion to determine whether or not it discolors or gets gummy.

1. Silicone lube often is pricey
You might incur a little bit more upfront in comparison to water-based lube. However, you will most likely make up for that extra cost on the back end. Since small amounts of silicone lube go a long way, you will end up using comparatively less than you would when using water-based lube. A bottle of silicone lube might last about three times more than the water-based lube.

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2. Silicone lube can stain fabric
You will need to be a little bit more mindful of your sheets and clothing. Using dark sheets while taking extra care not to spill silicone lube on your fabrics, especially in large quantities, is strongly recommended. It is also notable that different brands stain at varying rates, all to a varied degree.

3. Silicone lube is at times, not readily availability
Your endeavors to find silicone lube in your local drugstore will most likely end in failure. As such, you might have to go way out, making your purchase either over the internet or from a $ex shop. Most drug and grocery stores stoke water-based lubes.

For safety matters, you should never consider baby oil, cooking oil, and Vaseline as lubes. This consideration applies in particular to women. It is also notable that drugstore brands are more likely to cause irritations and other potentially adverse effects. Sticking with award-winning, industry-praised, and reputable companies is the most suitable option when it comes to choosing silicone lube to boost your love life.

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