Magical Substance That Will Boost Your Love Life

Magical Substance That Will Boost Your Love Life

The internet is filled with misconceptions about silicone lubricants. Most people think only water based lube is suitable for use with a male condom, particularly a latex condom. To clarify such common misunderstandings, listed below is a silicone lube pro and con cheat-sheet and how this magical substance can boost your love life.


1. Silicone, water-based, and hybrid lubes are all 100% safe for use with latex
These are all quite safe for use with any protection material such as polyurethane and nitrile. Silicone lube is the most preferred with condoms, particularly when using latex condoms since it does not dry and gum up.

Latex lube exacerbates the gummy effect, whereas silicone lubes remain smooth and slick, lasting for long periods that helps to boost your love life. In truth, it is oil-based lubes that are not compatible with latex. Silicone and oil-based lube are entirely different seeing as oil usually breaks down latex and renders its barriers ineffective.

2. On top of going a long way, a little bit of silicone is also excellent for water play
Silicone lube does not wash away since it is not soluble in water. However, all you need is to use some soapy water to wash off once done, completely removing the lube.

3. Silicone lubes are relatively hypoallergenic
For those sensitive to other types of lube, this is an additional advantage. If you get irritations after using lube, you might be reacting to it, in which case silicone offers a viable alternative. As such, carefully checking the ingredients before purchase is quite important. Silicone products comprising of at most three ingredients often are the best option.

4. High-quality silicone lubes are generally easy on the skin and digestive tract

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