Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here’s How…

Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here’s How…

Many people have health problems regarding their digestive tracts. It can be hard to keep the digestive system balanced and working properly without focusing on everything you eat. However, it may be simple to improve digestion. The key to this may lie in keeping stomach acids balanced.

Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here's How...

Creating the appropriate acid balance in the digestive system is so important if you want to improve digestion. When an acid imbalance goes on for a long time, it may result in unhealthy absorption of nutrients from food and improper digestion. Stomach acid not only breaks down and absorbs nutrients, but it also creates a barrier to invading foreign organisms. It is important to not let poor digestion come in the way of proper health if you are doing everything else correctly.

Symptoms of Poor Digestion

Gas and bloating after eating
Bad breath
Strong smelling sweat
Upset stomach
Brittle nails
Stomach pain
Undigested food in fecal matter

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Cause of Poor Digestion

0 Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here's How...

Having low stomach acid can result in malnutrition. An estimated 90% of people living in the United States produce too little stomach acid. This can be caused by several things, including a slow metabolism, stress, food allergies, poor diet, excess alcohol intake, nutrient deficiencies, and inadequate protein intake to name a few. Having low acid in the stomach weakens its defense against pathogens, and starts digestion off with a wrong pH, leading to incomplete digestion.

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