These People Live Longer Than Everyone Else (Research)

New research shows that twins come with significant health benefits. Today, being a twin means much more than merely having a lifelong best friend, it could also mean a significantly longer life. According to a study recently conducted by the University of Washington, both identical and fraternal twins have a lower rate of mortality compared to the rest of the populace, they live longer that everyone else!

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According to the lead author of this study, David Sharrow, the survival rate of identical twins is higher at nearly every age compared to fraternal twins. He also adds that the rate of survival is much higher for fraternal twins compared to the general population. Researchers say the reason for this could be the existence of a remarkable health benefit linked to close relationships.

Researchers studied more than 2,900 sets of same-sex twins listed in the Danish Twin Registry and born between 1870 and 1900. Upon comparing the lifespan of twins to the general Danish population, they found that twins, especially male identical twins, outlived their counterparts.

The research shows close relations and connections could enhance people’s longevity. It is, in fact, the same reason married couples live longer than unmarried people. For years, scientists wondered if marriage led to physical and mental health benefits or if married couples just happened to be healthier. The research ultimately proved the former theory was factual.

These People Live Longer Than Everyone Else (Research)

David Sharrow states that their results lend support to existing data indicating social relationships were beneficial to health outcomes. Experts across the globe agree that having a support system makes a significant difference. Someone close in a social manner might provide emotional or material support when you need it, which could result in better longevity outcomes. It is, therefore, true that having someone close looking out for you is quite beneficial.

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