20 Famous People Who Share the Bond of Adoption

A big part of fame is having the details of your life accessible to the public. The famous people on the following list share a common bond other than fame. Did you know that they were all adopted?

Jaime Foxx

This Oscar award-winning actor was adopted at a young age by his maternal grandmother, who also adopted Jaime’s mother when she was a child.


Marilyn Monroe

This iconic screen legend was born Norma Jean Mortenson in 1926. Mental health issues prevented her mother from caring for her, so she grew up in the foster care system and was later taken in by her mother’s best friend.

1 20 Famous People Who Share the Bond of Adoption

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George Lopez

This comedian’s father abandoned the family when George was only 2 months old, and his mother abandoned him when he was ten. Luckily, he was adopted by his grandmother and her husband, and raised in Los Angeles.


Melissa Gilbert

Best known for her role on the classic television show Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert was adopted in 1967 when she was just 1 day old. Her adoptive parents were both actors whose Hollywood connections helped her to become established as a child star.


President Bill Clinton

President Clinton’s father died in a car accident only 3 months after he was born. His birth name was William Jefferson Blythe III, but his last name was changed to Clinton when his mother married Roger Clinton 4 years later and he adopted Bill.


John Lennon

An aunt and uncle took this iconic musician in when he was 5 years old after his father went absent without leave from the military and his mother ran off with another man.



This rapper turned actor was adopted by an aunt after his mother died of a heart attack when he was 8, and his father suffered the same fate when he was 12.


Frances McDormand

This actress believes that her biological mother may have been a parishioner in the church of her adopted father, who was a pastor.


Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta knew from a young age that he had been adopted by Alfred and Mary Liotta when he was 6 months old. He did not meet members of his biological family until he was in his 40s.


Debbie Harry

Born in Miami, this rock legend was adopted by a New Jersey couple and raised there until she went to college in New York City.


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