15 Plastic Wrap Hacks for a Better Life

Garden tools rarely come with comfort grips, so if you’re working in the yard for long periods of time, tightly wrap garden tool handles in plastic wrap for a better, more comfortable grip.

9. DIY Greenhouse

grow garden

If you are working on your gardening skills, you can make mini greenhouses for delicate seedlings. Place plastic wrap across the top of your pot to hold in moisture and encourage growth.

10. Skin Restorer


You can use plastic wrap to condition dry patches of your skin. Put moisturizer, coconut oil, or another type of skin conditioner on the affected area and then cover it with plastic wrap. The wrap will hold in the moisture and increase the skin’s absorption.

11. No More Cork Taint


If your wine bottle is affected by “cork taint,” a musty taste from chemicals in the wine, you don’t have to pour it down the sink. Wad up a ball of plastic wrap in a pitcher and pour the wine on top. Swirl the wine around for a few minutes to allow the plastic to absorb the excess chemical, improving the taste of your wine.

12. Repair Makeup


There’s no need to throw away a compact with shattered makeup. Simply add a few drops of 70% rubbing alcohol to the broken pieces and tightly cover with plastic wrap. When the pieces absorb the alcohol, use your fingers or a spoon to reshape the makeup through the plastic wrap.

13. Safe Label


You can also use plastic wrap to label things that shouldn’t have traditional labels such as antiques and some types of ceramics. Wrap plastic wrap around a part of your antique or other object and write on that. Since plastic wrap sticks to itself, it won’t leave damage when removed.

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14. Painting Help


If your painting job is interrupted, or just takes a lot longer than expected, rather than cleaning your brush or roller at the end of the day, simply wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. You can unwrap it and continue the job the next day.

15. Preserve Flowers


Keep cut flowers fresher longer by wrapping the ends in a damp paper towel and wrapping plastic wrap on top of the paper towel to hold in the moisture. This trick works especially well if you plan to take cut flowers to someone, but have to run a few errands first.

Plastic wrap isn’t just for your food. Like many things, creative use of this household item will help you improve little things in your life.

Know of any other creative uses? Let us know in the comments below!

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