Find Out Who You Really Are With This Numerology Test

Number Four

The key for a number four is stability. These people need to take a deep look at their internal states and their external situations and try to achieve balance. These people also need to realize that it may take them more time and effort to reach their goals than other people.

Number Five

People with the number five often tend to get bored easily. This leads them to seek escape in drinking, drugs, or nightclubs. Number fives need to learn how to deal with boredom in a healthier way. Meditation, reading, and playing sports may offer more positive outlets for these people.

Number Six

If you have a number six, you probably love to help others and are involved in a lot of humanitarian campaigns. In fact, you are probably over involving yourself in other people’s lives. Number sixes need to learn to step back and let others work things out for themselves.

Number Seven

Number sevens are very book smart, but they don’t have a great degree of “emotional intelligence.” It is important for these people to begin to express their feelings clearly with those around them.

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Number Eight

People with number eight are all about empowerment. These people may face a great deal of personal struggles in this life, but they must push through them and learn not to let others destroy their sense of self-worth. In turn, these people must not seek to diminish those around them.

Number Nine

Memory is a crutch for people with number nine. These people often hold onto past events with clenched fists. It is very important for number nines to forgive others in this life in order to avoid holding grudges.

So, did you see a bit of yourself in your number? Hopefully this little numerology test got you interested in numerology enough to look for some more tests. Numerology is meant to help us live our lives and move through this world with wisdom and grace. Never forget that while you are studying your own numbers, you are really learning how to help yourself in this world and, perhaps, in the great beyond.

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