Cleanse and Energize Your Body With This Morning Elixir!

Cleanse and Energize Your Body With This Morning Elixir!

While most people choose coffee as their beverage of choice first thing in the morning. They may not realize that it is actually dehydrating and acidic. This is not what the body is looking for after a long night’s sleep. When you wake up, you are naturally slightly dehydrated due to the lack of fluid intake for the past eight hours, so your body is looking for a quench to that dehydration to start the day off right.

Cleanse and Energize Your Body With This Morning Elixir!

A healthy morning elixir first thing in the morning provides the body with the cleansing hydration it is looking for, while also providing an energy boost. There are several recipes for health elixirs to make in the mornings, all of which can be experimented with. It is important when trying out elixirs to note the effects they have on your body and how they benefit you throughout the day.

There are many specific ingredients that people use in morning elixirs for different reasons, but one of them is especially healthy. This is coconut water with the addition of chlorella.

Chlorella, similar to wheatgrass, is a Japanese blue-green algae. The health benefits of chlorella span a wide range from weight loss to assistance with detoxing.

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