Life Threatening Habits Women Follow During Periods

Life Threatening Habits Women Follow During Periods

Almost every woman hates the cramps and awkwardness that occur with most periods. However, a few bad habits can turn this minor inconvenience into a truly life threatening event. During periods your body is especially vulnerable to infections and other health issues. You should be careful to avoid doing these nine things during periods because they can be quite dangerous.

Life Threatening Habits Women Follow During Periods

Increasing Your Stress Levels
High amounts of pain cause an increase in cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. High cortisol levels increase your risk of insomnia related accidents, high blood pressure, and even strokes. Therefore, you should avoid doing any other painful items, like getting a wax, during your period. This can cause excessively high stress levels that can be dangerous.

Not Eating or Drinking
It is natural to avoid food when you feel sick and crampy, but it is not wise. Women are more likely to become malnourished or dehydrated during their period. This occurs because they lose so much fluid and blood during menstruation. Even if you feel bad, you still need to eat. Dehydration also makes cramps worse, so you should try to drink enough water.

Making Love Without Protection
Because you are not ovulating during your period, many women assume it is fine to have unprotected lovemaking. Though the pregnancy chances are lower, it is still possible for a woman to become pregnant. The risk of catching a STD is even higher during a period. Therefore, you should always use protection while lovemaking.

Wearing Pads for Too Long
Many women make the mistake of thinking it is ok to wear the same pad for up to 10 hours. However, the warm, moist environment of pads tends to encourage bacterial growth. This can lead to dangerous infections in the reproductive and urinary systems. Follow the instructions on the package to avoid wearing a pad for too long.

Exposure to Depressing Events
Hormones have a big impact on women’s moods, and your psychological health is just as important as your physical health. The dip in hormones right at the start of a period enhances depression symptoms. You should try to avoid sad movies, and upsetting books or tv shows during periods. This will help you to stay positive instead of enhancing sorrow.

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