6 Benefits of Cleansing Your Body With Hydrogen Peroxide

What is hydrogen peroxide, and why is it a good product to use for cleaning your body? It’s a mild antiseptic that oxidizes or kills organic matter like bacteria, yet is gentle on the skin. The chemical formula is H2O2 or water that has an extra oxygen atom for each molecule.

6 Benefits of Cleansing Your Body With Hydrogen Peroxide

Strong solutions of hydrogen peroxide can be used to dye hair and sanitize medical equipment. The kind we’re talking about is the brown bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide that you can buy in a drug store. It’s weak enough to be safe for skin while still eliminating viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Top 6 Ways of Cleaning Your Body With Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Good Oral Hygiene

Hydrogen peroxide works just as well as any of the minty-flavored mouthwashes and costs a whole lot less. Dilute it half-and-half with water and rinse after brushing or flossing. A natural way of whitening and disinfecting your teeth is to put a small mound of baking soda in your palm, wet it with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and dip your toothbrush in it.

2. Skin Disinfectant

Hydrogen peroxide is a good substance to use for cleaning a wound when applied immediately after sustaining an injury. It will destroy bacteria and any organic matter in the wound while it cleans away the dirt. Adding half a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to your bath will also help eliminate any skin infection.

3. Acne Remedy

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