6 Drinks That Will Flatten Your Tummy

6 Drinks That Will Flatten Your Tummy

When it comes to dieting, many women don’t consider drinks as their own food group. An often overlooked piece of any successful nutrition plan is the habit of keeping track of your liquid calories—and trust us when we say that they can really add up. Drinks like juice, soda, and especially cocktails are usually full of sugar and calories, with very little nutritional value to boot. So the next time you’re ordering at a restaurant or making something to drink at home, opt for one of these tasty, healthy drinks to help keep your diet on track and flatten your tummy.

Drinks That Will Flatten Your Tummy


This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many women neglect their water intake! Staying hydrated is utterly essential if you want to flatten your tummy. So, make sure that you’re drinking 64 ounces a day. Water is a sugar-free, zero-calorie thirst quencher, and when it’s ice cold, it’ll even help speed up your metabolism to burn more fat.



If plain ice water isn’t your thing (which is the case for most women), try making infused water at home. Add citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, or pineapples to your water to help boost your metabolism, or try cucumbers, basil or mint to give it water an invigorating and refreshing kick to keep you drinking it all day. You can find other delicious combos for delicious, detoxifying waters here.


3. TEA

Different types of teas have different weight loss benefits, but no matter what your tea preferences, this beverage is almost always a good choice. Green tea, which unlocks fat cells to burn extra calories, is a great caffeinated substitute for coffee in the morning. Oolong tea is another metabolism booster, and mint tea is an appetite suppressant. White tea is an antioxidant-rich fat fighter, and rooibos tea reduces stress to level out fat-storing hormones. There’s a diet-friendly tea for everyone, so pick your favorite and start sipping!


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