How Much Should You Pee to Stay Healthy

How Much Should You Pee to Stay Healthy?

Urination may not be frequently discussed in the medical community, but it is often closely linked to overall health. The number of times that you pee can often be a sign of an illness or other problem. Therefore, you should make sure that you are not urinating too little or too much. According to a professor of urology, Dr. Neil Grafstein, you should try to pee a certain number of times per day.

1 How Much Should You Pee to Stay Healthy

How Urination Works

The body naturally filters any food or drink we consume, and excess water is expelled as urine. After the kidneys filter fluids, the urine is sent to the bladder. When the bladder is full, it triggers nerves that send a desire to urinate to the brain. Most people can then choose to pee or hold their urine when they feel the need. However, if you do not drink the right amount of water or have a health problem, this can all change.

The Average Number of Times to Pee Each Day

The amount of times you pee will depend on how much water you drink. It is also affected by how sensitive your body is to the urination urge. In general, Dr. Grafstein says that a healthy person should pee four to seven times a day. This can vary slightly, but healthy urine should always look clear and very light yellow.

Health Problems That Affect Urine

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