9 Things Every Man Should Do to Keep Virility, Strength, and Stamina

9 Things Every Man Should Do to Keep Virility, Strength, and Stamina

As men get older, they need to pay more attention to the dietary and lifestyle choices they make. Those decisions will determine the overall level of health in a man for years to come. The trick is to listen to your body and respond with what it needs to operate at its optimal level. Below are several things you can do as an aging man to keep virility, strength, and stamina as high as possible.

9 Things Every Man Should Do to Keep Virility, Strength, and Stamina

1. Avoid Long Cardio

Slower cardio workouts take too much time, and it can actually reduce levels of testosterone in aging men. Slow cardio can also stunt the release of human growth hormone, which is critical for vitality and muscle growth. High intensity training is a much better idea for keeping in shape. This would include things like rowing, weightlifting, and speed-swimming.

2. Increase Protein Intake

Older men need to take in more protein to deal with the higher levels of muscle break-down they experience as a result of exercise. In other words, an older man has to eat more protein to gain the same benefits from a workout as a younger man. Plant-based proteins and organically grown meats are the best options. It is recommended that an older male should eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day.

3. Stay Cold

Keeping your body temperature down is a good way to keep inflammation at a minimum. It has the added benefit of increasing testosterone and keep virility. If you keep your bedroom in the mid to high 60s, you’ll not only experience these benefits but you’ll sleep better as well. Cold showers and ice bathes work well too.

4. Strength & Flexibility

Most men might find it tempting to work on their so called ‘glamour muscles’, but you must resist that urge if you want to live optimally. It’s better to focus on boosting mobility, flexibility, and general strength. Changing up your exercise routine is a good way to keep your body in a constant state of recovery, which is good for building strength.

5. Consume Beets

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