Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?

Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?

During lovemaking, the contractions of these muscles provides a sensation of tightness. There is no way for any muscle in the body to loosen up with use. Instead, regular exercise during lovemaking actually causes these muscles to get stronger and become tighter.

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Why This Misconception Still Exists
Gynecologists are not the only ones to weigh in on this sensitive subject. Psychologists point out that this myth is often perpetrated by men who shame women for enjoying lovemaking. Though these men are praised for having a lot of partners, they sometimes devalue women who do the same thing. This sort of behavior is a $exist attempt to prevent women from enjoying lovemaking. However, women should not be concerned, because lovemaking cannot alter the body permanently.

How You Can Actually Change Size
Lovemaking cannot actually change the size of a woman’s private parts, but there are other ways to improve tightness. Since it is a muscle, not a stretchy tissue, that affects tightness, exercise can help. You can increase your tightness by doing Kegel exercises to tighten the pelvic floor. These exercises involve contracting the pelvic muscles regularly. The sensation will feel like an attempt to stop urinating midstream. You should hold this position for five seconds, relax, and then repeat the Kegel five times in a row. This results in the ability to apply firm pressure during lovemaking.

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Now that you know how lady parts work, you do not have to worry about being loose during lovemaking. Getting it on cannot permanently affect your body parts. If you want to increase tightness, it is better to start exercising the pelvic muscles instead of avoiding lovemaking.

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