7 Signs You Have a Very Strong Personality

7 Signs You Have a Very Strong Personality

4. You Are Very Compassionate
Some people might assume that you are selfish or self-absorbed because of your personality traits. This is normally not actually the case though. You may constantly feel a desire to help others and be kind to them. This is common among those with a strong personality because they want everyone to be as happy as they are.

5. You Do Not Make Friends Easily
Because you do not feel an overwhelming need to be liked, it may be difficult for you to make friends. You may be careful about the people that you allow to become close to you. Even though you are compassionate and caring, you do not tolerate others being rude or insensitive. You often prefer intense, personal conversations to silly small talk about the weather or the latest movie. All of this can make others feel a little overwhelmed, so you may not make friends instantaneously. However, those who do become your friend will be loyal and devoted friends.

6. You Aren’t Searching for Your Other Half
People with strong personalities normally are not busy looking for “the one.” They might enjoy romance, but they do not feel unfulfilled without a partner. You know that you can still be happy even without anyone else. Instead of focusing on dating, you might enjoy spending time by yourself. This can be a very good trait because it keeps you from getting trapped in a codependent relationship.

7. You Are Very Brave
The type of confidence that comes from a strong personality tends to make people fear almost nothing. Of course you may have moments of worry or doubt, but in general you are confident and courageous. You trust that you can overcome any difficulty and solve any challenge. Instead of being paralyzed by fear, you try to defeat any anxieties that you have. This personality trait is normally the reason those with a strong personality are so successful.

Having a strong personality can be a good thing, but it can also lead to some personality conflicts. If you have most of the signs of having a strong personality, you might have trouble getting along with others. Try to focus on compromising and empathizing with people so that your strong personality does not overwhelm them. However, you should not have to hide your personality to make friends. Be true to yourself and you will find those who appreciate your independence and confidence.

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