Shortlist of Narcissist’s’ Favorite Lies

They lie to avoid responsibility

A narcissist loves to appear important, and there are plenty of important, powerful narcissists among company CEOs and politicians. Yet these people can be spotted by their steadfast refusal to take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions and decisions.

They are masters of shifting blame squarely onto the shoulders of another group or individual, and they can do it with such skill that you may find yourself second-guessing your gut feelings, and beginning to “see things their way” with regards to the narcissist.

Be wary! Take notice if things always seem to fall apart whenever a certain person is involved.

They lie pathologically

This is the one that really baffles most people. Lying has become a pathology; a sickness. The narcissist not only lies, but they will lie when the truth would serve them just as well, or even better. They lie for no reason whatsoever and seem to be unaware that they are even doing it.

What to do if you are with a narcissist

If you are working for, or in a relationship with a narcissist, the only course of action is to get out. Whether this means quitting a job or ending a marriage, you need to do it because a narcissist will not change. They have zero feelings of empathy, guilt, or remorse. And they will continue using their favorite lies on you.

Everyone they encounter is a tool for them to use, and they have no more feelings when they use you than when they use a hammer to drive a nail. They are dangerous and will turn your life toxic, eventually ruining your ability to relate normally to others.

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