Fix Your Health Issues With Proper Sleeping Positions

Fix Your Health Issues With Proper Sleeping Positions

You may also get good results from propping up your head when you sleep. This can be done with ordinary pillows, specially-made ones, or foam wedges. This study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that both alternate sleep positions are effective at reducing heartburn.

The Problem: Insomnia

Chronic insomnia is a problem millions of people face every night. The occasional sleepless evening isn’t much more than an annoyance, but missing too much sleep can have serious negative effects on your overall health . Long-term insomnia can even shorten your lifespan.

Insomnia is a complex enough problem that it can be caused by many different issues. The other health problems discussed above – acid reflux and back pain – may cause insomnia. Try the suggestions provided for them as well as the ones listed below.


Sleeping Positions For Insomnia

There are many different positions that can help prevent insomnia. Most of them work by preventing muscular strains and tensions which might cause late-night pain.

If you can’t sleep due to shoulder pain, try not to sleep with your head propped up on your arm. Instead, sleep on your side and extend both arms out in front of you. It may also help to hug a pillow to your chest.

If sinus problems are the root of your insomnia, you need to sleep on your side and elevate your head. This puts gravity on your side and helps to reduce congestion.

Neck stiffness often causes insomnia when it gets bad enough. The best sleeping positions for this give your neck extra support in a natural alignment. Try to sleep on your back. Use a pillow that lets you lie comfortably without tilting your neck up or down.

This is just a sampling of the sleep position changes you can make in order to deal with different health issues.A better night’s sleep – and relief from chronic problems – could be closer than you think!

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