See Why She Wraps Her Foot With Vinegar-Soaked Bread

See Why She Wraps Her Foot With Vinegar-Soaked Bread

Calluses develop on areas of the hands and feet where repetitive pressure or friction is applied on a regular basis. This causes the skin to die and thicken in order to prevent further damage to the area. According to the Mayo Clinic, corns and calluses might be caused by any activity that uses something foreign to your body. Using tools, wearing shoes with no socks, and anything else that may cause irritating rubbing on the skin may lead to a callus.

She Soaks Bread in Vinegar and Puts It

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about keeping unsightly calluses under wraps, because there are numerous natural remedies that can alleviate the pain and dried skin of a callus. Each of these home remedies requires nothing beyond simple household items, and they are just as effective, if not more so, than medical treatments. Below is an outline of some of the most common effective callus remedies.

1. Bread and Vinegar

This might sound like a strange combination for a home remedy, but it may be the most effective on the list. In order to treat a callus with a mixture of bread and vinegar.  Simply soak the bread in white or apple cider vinegar until it is completely saturated. Soaked bread will make a callus soft and easy to erase. The callus should be prepped with a soaking of warm water and a pumice stone to remove dead surface skin.

See Why She Wraps Her Foot With Vinegar-Soaked Bread

Take the bread and vinegar blend and massage it into the callus, then cover the paste with a bandage. Leave it on over night, and remove the bandage in the morning. The callus should be drastically reduced, and a light layer of lotion can help restore the skin. If the callus is particularly large, a second treatment might be necessary.

2. Lemon

Lemon juice contains acidic substances that do wonders for reducing the presence of calluses. Lemon juice can be applied to a callus in a number of ways, including directly with a lemon rind or by soaking a cotton ball in the juice. In either case, the deliver method should be pressed into the callus and covered with a bandage so it can soak overnight. The acid will soften the skin of the callus, and it should be entirely gone within a few days.

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