After Multiple Surgeries She Is Finally Satisfied With Her Body

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that cosmetic surgery very often has a positive effect for patients. Most people choose plastic surgery to enhance appearance or correct an obvious physical flaw.
The ASPS warns that some people demand plastic surgery to become a different person entirely.


In view of body dysmorphic disorder, an emotional issue of bodily identity, scrupulous surgeons will request psychological counseling before a person undergoes surgery for an extreme body makeover. This is a screening procedure to determine whether the person is enduring surgery in hopes of becoming an entirely different person.

Laura Pillarella became depressed and disappointed following her first cosmetic surgery. “I wasn’t beautiful,” she states, recalling a hope dashed. “I was just different.” She then embarked upon a whirlwind of multiple surgeries to make up the difference, yet she felt no more secure. After the final surgery, she viewed herself as “hideously ugly.” She began to contemplate suicide.

According to studies, self-destructive habits and thoughts, such as binge drinking and reckless driving, are very common among women who have had breast implants. In fact, their suicide rate is three times higher than women who have not received breast implants.

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Meanwhile, Aleira Avendano is thrilled with her new body, claiming that, after multiple cosmetic surgeries, she is finally satisfied with her body. Determined to keep her ideal body on track, she carefully plans every meal for healthy, if sparse, nutritional impact, featuring egg whites, fruit, meat and pineapple. In case this is not enough, she religiously lifts weights and does waist crunches.

After Multiple Surgeries She Is Finally Satisfied With Her Body

Avendano is a model, and looks forward to the day when her perfect body gains the fame it deserves.

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