A Single Remedy for Common Body Pains

A Single Remedy for Common Body Pains

The rate at which people consume pain relievers and other prescription drugs is an indicator of the many body pains people experience. Some are natural occurring such as those that come with age or trauma. Others are from permanent diseases while the rest are from bad practices such as wrong sitting and sleeping postures. Pharmaceuticals relieve body pains but only for a while and therefore, necessitating the need for more pain relievers. Natural pain remedies are stronger and last longer with minimal side effects.

A Single Remedy for Common Body Pains

Common body pains
There are certain body  pains that most people will complain of at any drug store. Some are symptoms of other diseases while others occur on their own.

• Lower back
Lower back pain is common especially in expectant women and people suffering from arthritis. At times, it is caused by exerting too much pressure on the spinal cord through heavy lifting.

• Knees
The knees carry a lot of the body weight. Being overweight contributes significantly to knee pain. In most ladies, knee pain is a result of uncomfortable shoes. They wear very high heels which cannot hold their weight. Wear and tear on the knee joints also causes pain in cases of arthritis.

• Joints
The cold season is particularly nerve wracking for arthritis patients. Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause the inflammation and swelling. It is the leading cause of joint pain in the USA.

• Shoulder and neck pain
The shoulders connect with many ligaments and tendons which are involved in upper body movement. The strain on any of the muscles will cause pain in the shoulders. The neck directly connects to the shoulders. A particular strain on the neck muscle will cause pain which moves to the shoulders. Most people refer to pain in the neck as a stiff neck. It may be a result of a bad sleeping posture or the wrong mattress.

• Head pain
Headaches are frequent pains, especially for the working class. They spend a lot of time on computers with very bright light. Long hours on the screen combined with the wrong sitting posture will result in head and neck pain. The younger generation spends too many hours either watching movies or playing video games. In case the TV is not on an eye level, the strain to compensate may cause neck pain.

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