Look at Her Hair After Candle Cutting Treatment

Look at Her Hair After Candle Cutting Treatment

In July 2016, TODAY Style Writer Rebekah Lowin, decided to try a strange Brazilian hair treatment that has been gaining popularity in the United States. This treatment is commonly known as candle cutting, and it involves burning the split ends off of the hair. Rebekah visited the Maria Bonita Salon in, a salon in Soho that is well-known for offering the candle cutting treatment. She met Ricky, her stylist, who explained that he would first twist Rebekah’s hair into sections. Next, he would run a candle flame up the length of each twisted section. The frayed pieces of hair that did not make it into the twisted section would be singed off when the flame passed over it, and each section would receive the same treatment. After each strand had been singed, the last step would involve a deep conditioning treatment and a blow-out.

Look at Her Hair After Candle Cutting Treatment

The Result

Rebekah agreed to the cut, and Ricky began his work. Rebekah writes that she felt a great deal of anxiety when her hair was burned, and she did notice a faint burning smell. When Ricky was done with the candle flame, he put a mixture of deep conditioners and vitamins onto her hair, washed it out after 20 minutes, and gave her a blow-out. Rebekah reports that she was left with smooth, shiny hair.

Candle Cutting Treatment

Candle Cutting and Models

Candle cutting has been done in Brazil since the 1960s. It is known as velaterapia in Brazil, and Victoria’s Secret models Barbara Fialho and Alessandra Ambrosio swear that it makes their hair ready for the runway. Fialho raved about the technique in a recent interview with Fashionista. She stated that she prefers candle cutting to getting typical trims because it addresses the entire strand of hair rather than just the ends. This is better for her, she explains, because her hair is constantly under stress due to hot styling tools. She also explains that it is a good way to get rid of split ends without sacrificing length.

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Fernanda Lacerda of the Maria Bonita Salon agrees. Lacerda points out that only the split ends of the hair end up getting burned off, so the length of the hair remains the same.

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