Which of These Nipple Types Do You Have?

Puffed– Shaped in a triangular way, these nipple types tend to protrude out and feature a perked out point that can become hard and pronounced when stimulated. Remember that stimulus can be anything from room temperature, wetness, certain clothing, $exual stimulation and increased blood flow in general.


Bumpy– The Montgomery glands are located in the area of the aureola. Their job is to produce lubrication in the form of a mild, oily substance that protects the aureola’s sensitive skin. Sometimes, these glands can swell up making the aureola look bumpy. This is not a dangerous condition and many women experience it. This is on of the most attractive nipple types.


Supernumenary nipple– This is basically an extra nipple, which is a genetic happening. These “extra” nipples can show up as a flat aureola somewhere below or near the active ones, and it is usually only one.


Hairy– Every human being has hair follicles in the area of the aureola. As it usually happens, some people are hairier than others in certain parts of the body. Having hair in the aureola may be a turn off for some, but there is a quick solution: Just pluck them out!


Unilateral inverted-We already discussed inverted nipple type. However, there are times when only one of the two nipples is actually inverted. This is also a genetic predisposition and it is perfectly normal.


Celebrate the diversity and beauty of our bodies. Take good care of them, too. Keep up with your check ups, and enjoy a happy and healthy life!

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