Should We All Go Vegetarian? What Types of Meat Are Actually Cause Cancer?

We have always known processed foods, especially processed meats, were bad for us. Unfortunately, many of us looked the other way and shoved another piece (or 5) of bacon in our mouths. The time of denial has come and gone thanks to a report from the World Health Organization. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer agency to the World Health Organization, now classifies processed meat as a carcinogen. In layman’s terms, something that causes cancer. They also stated that red meat is “probably carcinogenic”. Here’s what you need to know before you make your next trip to the grocery store.


What is Processed Meat?
Meats are considered processed when they undergo a process of preservation such as, smoking, canning, freezing or they have had chemicals added to them. Some examples of processed meats are hot dogs, chicken nuggets and packaged lunch meats.

Are We All Going to Die?
No! While the World Health Organization has classified processed meat in the cancer causing category, that doesn’t mean that it is so toxic that we are all going to die after one hot dog. The simple fact is that the more processed meat we eat, the greater our chance of developing colon cancer. For those that consume the processed meat equivalent of one hot dog a day, your colon cancer risk increases by 18%. For those that don’t, your risk is much less.



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